Bon Appetit!

Breakfast is one of the key components of a stay at a Bed & Breakfast Inn.  We know that and put extra effort into meeting and exceeding our guests expectations for a special start to the day.  Our owner is a gluten free, vegetarian (aspiring vegan 🙂 ) so loves how Joanna embraces the challenge of creating beautiful and delicious breakfasts for all of our guests, no matter what their diet restrictions.   

“Food to me is more than just a meal, it is love.  When I think of all the happiest memories throughout my life, most often they revolve around a great meal and a kitchen table.  To share love through food is an honor and I want to make sure that everyone can experience that.  Learning to work with food allergies, sensitivities, vegetarian, vegan, and other specific need diets has helped me as a chef push my creativity.  I love to layer in flavours and textures, working with fresh herbs, pops on bright citrus, and exotic spices.  I want every person I cook for to feel nourished both in their bellies and in their hearts.”  Joanna Labounty, Innkeeper and Chef at The Lindsey.  

Make sure to let us know when making your reservations of any diet limitations you may have.  Bon Appetit!